Nasce eh!

Born eh!

Dear readers and fans of design and crafts,

It is with great enthusiasm that we write to you today to share with you a new adventure that is taking flight. We felt a burning desire to tell you about our passion for design and craftsmanship by immersing ourselves in the world of objects, the creative minds that conceive them and the skilled hands that make them. We want to share with you the stories behind each product, the manufacturing techniques, the materials and everything that makes this world so fascinating.

From this passion and dedication comes the idea of creating an online space where we can tell the story, make known and make available unique products. A virtual place where we can interview designers, artisans, small and medium-sized companies and let you fully immerse yourself in the creative universe. We want to show you everything behind the making of a product by having the protagonists, artisans, designers and creative people tell you directly.

Our mission is clear: we will go in search of the best products made by Italian designers and artisans, as well as European talents. We will explore workshops, laboratories, craft districts and ateliers, looking for extraordinary creations, niche products and the latest trends. Our promise is to discover and promote new talent, highlighting the value of craftsmanship and design.

And if you are wondering whether you will find only furniture accessories, the answer is no. Although we will focus primarily on furniture, the world of design and craftsmanship is vast.You will also find jewelry, clothing, sculptures and much more, all with a constant focus on excellence, uniqueness, passion, design, creativity, quality, attention to detail, innovation, beauty, exclusivity, affordability and originality.

We invite you to follow us on this exciting adventure, and explore our comprehensive website that offers a wide range of extraordinary products and brands that are always evolving.Kind regards,

Nunzia Ponsillo, designer and founder of eh!