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Al Bacio Blue

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    Introducing I Sensi, a collection of hand-decorated ceramic vases, each endowed with human characteristics that capture the essence of a kiss, a meaning and a message intended for someone special.

    A Kiss: A Message of the Senses:

    The Senses are more than simple objects, they are a kiss of art and sensitivity. This line was born from the ingenuity of Crita and the skilled hands of the master craftsmen of the renowned Caltagirone ceramics. The Senses embody the energy of matter that comes to life and is shaped into living and meaningful forms.

    The Clay Dance:

    It all starts with a modest lump of clay. The genesis of these cylinders is a three-way dance, in which the wheel, the earth and the hands of the artisans intertwine to create these works of art in red clay. This artisanal process merges with the intrinsic power of clay to create creations that transcend their function as containers.

    Lived Sensory Experiences:

    The vases of I Sensi desire to see, smell and taste. Be they flowers, branches, leaves or roots, these vertical sculptures aspire to be joyous guardians, capable of embodying more than a simple container.

    A Homage to the Senses:

    “To the nose, To the moustache, To the kiss” – these words reflect our connection to the senses we use to evaluate, appreciate and immerse ourselves in the world around us. The senses are our guides, they make us participate actively, contributing to our happiness and perception of beauty. The senses guide us through a world of experiences and sensations.

    The I Sensi collection, through the art ceramics of Caltagirone, offers a tangible and visceral experience of the human senses. Discover this line that embodies the power of the senses, celebrating craftsmanship and creating a message of beauty and meaning.

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    Weight: 2 kg Dimensions: Ø18 x H30 cm

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    Al Bacio Blue
    Al Bacio Blue
    Al Bacio Blue