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Mata + Grifone

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Color – White

    Our extraordinary family of mythical characters is enriched: we present to you Mata and Grifone, our two little "giant" dark brown heads.

    Despite its small size, this pair of heads is truly impressive in its storied history.

    A Legendary Love:

    The legend takes us back to the millennium, to Messina, where an extraordinary love blossomed between the beautiful girl Marta, called Mata in the local dialect, and Grifone, a powerful Saracen soldier dedicated to piracy. Grifone, from his refuge in the Peloritani Mountains, dedicated himself to looting and raids in the surrounding territories. One day, during one of his raids, he spotted Mata in the crowd and fell deeply in love with him. However, young Mata was horrified by the Saracen's misdeeds and rejected his passionate love. Grifone did everything he could, showing a bold and authoritarian attitude, but he was unable to bend the will of the beautiful girl from Messina. Thus, he understood that the only way to win the heart of his beloved was to become a man worthy of her esteem.

    A Change of Heart and Destiny:

    Grifone renounced piracy and embraced a new life dedicated to agriculture and charity. It was then that Mata began to look at him with different eyes and fell in love with this man who had changed her destiny as an act of love. From this love many children were born and, according to tradition, these characters are considered the ancestors of the inhabitants of Messina. Mata and Grifone are, as always happens with Crita collections, entirely handmade in Caltagirone.

    Elegance in Miniature:

    The expert hands of our master craftsmen have modeled these small dark brown heads with precision in lines and shapes. The majestic "crown" that dominates the figures makes them agile and slender. Crita's pure and elegant style is manifested in these new dark brown heads from Caltagirone, designed to be perfect as crockery holders, pen holders or, obviously, flower holders. They represent our homage to Messina, one of the most glorious cities in Sicily, and offer a new perspective on the small ceramic artefacts of Caltagirone: always precise, elegant and functional.

    The essence of Crita in small format, keeping the beauty and craftsmanship intact.

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    Weight: 0.9 kg Dimensions: Ø5 x H14 cm

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    Mata + Grifone
    Mata + Grifone
    Mata + Grifone
    Mata + Grifone
    Mata + Grifone
    Mata + Grifone