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Stool - Capablanca

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    The stool Capablanca from the Napoli XXI collection is a tribute to the great Cuban chess player Josè Raùl Capablanca, combining functionality and style in a single piece of furniture.

    Elegance in Wood:

    This stool is expertly crafted from solid ash boards, a fine wood that gives elegance and warmth to the environment. Its solid and well-crafted structure is the result of the craftsmanship that characterizes the Napoli XXI collection.

    Versatility at Your Fingertips:

    The stool Capablanca is a small piece that offers great versatility. Use it as a stool to sit comfortably or as a support base for decorative or practical objects. Its compact shape makes it perfect for environments of different sizes.

    Matte Finish:

    The matte finish of the ash wood adds a touch of sophistication to the overall look. This stool integrates harmoniously into modern and classic environments, adding a touch of warmth and style.

    Naples XXI Collection:

    The Capablanca stool is an integral part of the Napoli XXI collection, which stands out for its fusion of fine materials, contemporary design and high-level craftsmanship. Each piece in the collection brings with it the essence of innovation and elegance.

    A Tribute That Adds Style:

    This stool is not only a functional piece of furniture, but also a tribute that adds a touch of style and meaning to your space. Whether you use it as a stool or a base, it will always be an eye-catcher and pay homage to a great name.

    If you are looking for a unique way to integrate elegance and functionality into your home, the Capablanca stool from the Napoli XXI collection is the ideal choice. Let yourself be inspired by its versatility and timeless beauty.

    Made in

    Made in Italy

    Tempi di spedizione

    Made to order for you, available in 8/9weeks.

    Peso e dimensioni


    Dimensions:D25cm, H40cm.

    Materiali e finiture

    Ash wood.


    Ivan Lomuti and Gabriele Villa.

    Resi e rimborsi

    This product is considered as customized and produced especially for you. Therefore no return is foreseen.

    Stool - Capablanca
    Stool - Capablanca
    Stool - Capablanca
    Stool - Capablanca