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Coffee table - Il Cugino

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    Il Cugino is a coffee table from the Vendemmiaio collection and is a functional piece of furniture that combines the joy of a bold design with the distinction of a well-made piece. This coffee table looks like a welcoming concave disk, supported by a slender tripod, creating a harmonious fusion of shapes and colors.

    Attractive Design:

    The Cugino immediately catches attention with its eye-catching design. The concave disc offers a large and welcoming surface, perfect for hosting books, drinks and decorative objects. The slender tripod adds a touch of elegance and verticality, balancing the overall look of the coffee table.

    Vibrant and Gradient Colors:

    One of the distinctive features of this coffee table is the skilful use of colour. The concave top and legs feature slightly different shades of the same color, creating a gradient effect that adds visual depth and interest. The top stands out with a lighter violet red, while the legs fade into a slightly darker purple.

    Quality Materials:

    Il Cugino is made of high quality steel, ensuring solidity and durability over time. The expertly applied powder paint gives the coffee table a uniform and weather-resistant finish.

    Environmental Focal Point:

    This coffee table is not just a simple piece of furniture, but a real focal point for your environment. The combination of bold shapes and nuanced colors attracts attention and adds a touch of vitality and personality to the surrounding space.

    Harvest Collection:

    Il Cugino is part of the Vendemmiaio collection, which stands out for its unique and creative aesthetics. Each piece in this collection is designed to add a touch of originality and style to your environment, making it special and memorable.

    A Point of Conversation:

    If you're looking for a piece that not only enriches your space, but also sparks conversations and expresses your personality, the Cugino is the perfect choice. This coffee table stands out for its lively and distinct character, bringing a smile to the lips of those who look at it and use it.

    Other colors to be evaluated on request.

    Made in

    Made in Italy

    Tempi di spedizione

    Made to order for you, available in4/5 weeks.

    Peso e dimensioni


    Dimensions:D55cm, H72cm.

    Materiali e finiture



    Ivan Lomuti and Gabriele Villa.

    Resi e rimborsi

    This product is considered as customized and produced especially for you. Therefore no return is foreseen.

    Coffee table - Il Cugino
    Coffee table - Il Cugino
    Coffee table - Il Cugino
    Coffee table - Il Cugino
    Coffee table - Il Cugino