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Solimano in the Garden

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Color – Orange

    Inside the heart of the famous Caltagirone ceramics, we meet Solimano and Roxelana, our inimitable dark brown heads. If you know Crita, you know that our Moors are much more than simple objects: they are bearers of names, stories, dreams and an irresistible charm that travels from the East, crosses the Mediterranean breeze and reaches straight to Sicily.

    A Garden of Emotions:

    Solimano and Roxelana in Giardino embody the mastery that only Caltagirone ceramics can offer. Inspired by the wonderful citrus gardens of Sicilian villas, they are wrapped in sumptuous citrus crowns, which transform their turbans into a riot of plasticity and royalty. Oranges, lemons and leaves dance in ornamental circles around our works, giving them an unparalleled crown.

    Colors of Sicily and Innovation:

    In the tradition of the dark brown heads of Crita, the crowns of Solimano and Roxelana become even more fascinating with refined and innovative colours. These colors are imbued with the vibrant tones of Sicily, bearers of the most contemporary vision that is capable of transforming an environment into something magical and engaging.

    A Unique Artistic Expression:

    Solimano and Roxelana in Giardino embody the art and expertise of Caltagirone ceramics. With their reference to the traditions and lush gardens of Sicily, these dark brown heads are the perfect union between the ancient and the modern. Every detail, every color and every nuance tell a story that unites East and Sicily, past and present.

    Welcome to a World of Elegance and Beauty:

    We invite you to immerse yourself in a world where craftsmanship, art and passion come together. Solimano and Roxelana in Giardino are the fruit of this meeting, a fusion of cultures and styles that makes each piece a unique masterpiece. Discover the power of bringing the magic of Sicily's citrus gardens into your home through the unparalleled expertise of Crita ceramics.

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    Weight: 4 kg Dimensions: Ø26 x H30 cm

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    Solimano in the Garden
    Solimano in the Garden
    Solimano in the Garden
    Solimano in the Garden
    Solimano in the Garden
    Solimano in the Garden